Typography – 3 Featured Fonts

Typography is coming back BIG in 2013. Literally. Be ready to see new BIG size type styles featured on pages throughout the web. Googlefonts has made it easier than ever to add a different font style than the standard 5. Although, I still love me my Verdana. So let’s go over some different typography available today, ready and waiting to be placed on a site right now.

The first contender on the Typography is Oswald. ┬áIt makes me nostalgic. Brings me back to what I imagine California was like in the ’50s before traffic and southern California was considered farmland with Tinseltown thrown in. I want to buy some popcorn and go to the movies to see Gone with the Wind or some other classic, Breakfast at Tiffany’s.


Oswald buddies:




Next up in our featured font extravaganza is the uplifting font Oxygen. Oxygen is perfect for parties, happy events and premiers. It spills excitement and fun. This is an exciting font!


Great Oxygen pairings:



The next font on our magical journey is…Marcellus SC
Marcellus SC is good for making a point. Want to get something important across to your audience, use Marcellus SC. Strong and to the point, just like writing should be.


Goes good with…





Stay tuned for our next installation on Typography.

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